Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Your Ad Plastered All over this Site for Pennies? I Must be Mad!

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This blog gets roughly 40,000 pageviews weekly. As an experiment I've added Project Wonderful code to the bottom of every post, both on the single pages, and the main index page.

Right now the bid is less than a penny - Go Ahead and bid - you might get your image on this blog and get your ad viewed 40,000+ times in a single week.

If only 5% of those pageviews end up in clicks that's a huge 2000 unique hits.

All for as little as 1 penny!

The quicker you bid for your ad spot the faster you'll get it.

Click here to Bid Now!

Comment here if you bid, and I will be picking one commenter to receive a free Review.
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