Thursday, November 6, 2008

It's Rodney King all over again. This time it's Rodney King of the Gay Community..

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This is a disturbing video...

Apparently there was a Rodney King like beating during the protests by the Gay Community on Calfornia Proposition 8.

As a Mormon, and a minority mormon at that - one who actually is against the proposition I must say that this is indeed disturbing.

do I believe that gayness is right or ethical? No..I don't.

However - I don't believe it's our responsibility to say what people do or believe behind closed doors. I believe marriage is sacred, for me, my family, and those of my faith. Sure excommunicate a member who defies that - but if someone does believe in that practice, then apparently their 'faith system' allows it. That could be likened to their religion. It's what they believe right?

God gave us our free agency to choose, we should have the opportunity to marry anything we want as long as they consent, even if that thing is a plant, or a salad(as Pee Wee Herman did once). Ok, maybe Pee Wee is a bad example.

But it is my strong belief that nothing - is more important than keeping the constitution fair, and unbiased for everyone. Whether you're black, gay, white, asian, hispanic, straight, mormon, catholic, lutheran, or muslim. You should have equal rights across the board. If one person can marry, then so should another.

Let god decide if the act is wrong, and when he makes that decision then he will also punish it. It doesn't hurt me if Steve and Tom down the street like each other a little more than they should.

We should not dictate what people can or can't do. If the term 'marriage' is all that's at the root here, then why not call it something else? Eternal Union, Faith Union, Gay Union, Civil Union, Eternal Partnership, Love Binding, etc...think up something nice and go with it.

Just my two cents - also I'd like to say, don't blame this on the Mormons, because not all of us believe that everything should be governed. I believe in less government intrusion in the private matters of our life. Yet I believe also in universal healthcare, and the right of all Americans to be able to receive the best care in the world.

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