Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is Mr Blue Light - Frosty's New BFF?

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How Frosty and Mr Blue Light Became Best Friends Forever.

Even frosty isn't immune to these economic troubles, not only was he laid off from the North Pole, but he's move back in w/ relatives in Canada and now he's gotta face global warming too.

Christmas just almost wasn't possible.

Then frosty met Mr. Blue Light. He can relate to being blue, and a fast friendship soon evolved.

Frosty was truly afraid he wouldn't be able to get any gifts for his little snow angels. Blue Light took him by the hand and showed him that there's a whole world of savings out there at a magical place called: KMart.

"But Mr. Blue Light, I can't afford that 32" LCD TV that my parents want, or the Kitchenaid Mixer for Mrs Snowman." Frosty exclaimed on the brink of tears..

"Oh Frosty, it's ok - you don't need to have all the money right now."

"Oh is it one of those credit programs? Ya know I don't have that great credit, and with the credit freeze going on, I doubt I'd get approved.."

"Frosty, they have Kmart Layaway! No credit checks required, just make weekly or biweekly payments and presto pick up your gift the week before Christmas. You can put all kinds of things on layaway like: Bikes, Toys, Electronics, TVs, Xbox, etc..."

"Wow Mr. Blue Light - I can definitely afford layaway, and this might save Christmas for us this year. Wow Thanks!"

If you're suffering from the credit crunch, and poor economics - do like Frosty: Click Here

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