Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Cure to Idiotic Republican Ideology = Education?

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Yes it's true, that college educated people were more likely to vote for Barack Obama, than unedumacated. What's that tell me?

Fix our education system, and we'll never have to deal with a Bush regime again.

Makes sense, the smarter our future generation, the more intelligent our Presidents will become. I mean look at Barack Obama. He's an extremely sharp fellow. He definitely knows his p's and q's.

On the alternate side look at Bush and his alter-ego Sarah Palin. Bush can't even say Nuclear, and Sarah Palin doesn't know if Africa is a country or continent.

If Jay Leno came up to them and asked them rudimentary everyday questions, they would fail.

Apparently those who voted for them, would fail too. No offense but if you really think Obama is a terrorist, or believed what people told you on the right, then you need to be educated. You need to learn to get your news from both sides and choose which one is right based on all the facts.

I'd go as far to say that each person who graduates from college is a boon for the democratic party, just because they are more likely to be democrat. Not all of course, but more likely. So the cure? Lets get everyone to college!

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