Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Blackhat Article Writing Technique!

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Well, this may not be blackhat but it's definitely gray.

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The key to successful blogging that I've been mentioning lately is focused dedication and continually writing new content. You may notice that I don't always post new content every day to this blog, although I do try to. A lot of the content I create, I use on article sites, squidoo, hubpages, etc.

This is an easy quick way to churn out articles with reckless abandon:

1. Purchase Dragon Naturally Speaking, or find an alternative speech to text program.

2. Google the topic that you want to write about, or visit and search articles there.

3. Launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking and rewrite the article on the fly by putting the article into your own words. Most people can speak faster than they can type and this is a much faster way to write articles.

Please note that the key here is to make the article look different and not duplicate as far as the search engines are aware. It's also to save you from any copyright issues.

How you make money with this technique:

Well you could post it to your blog and make money off your blog's advertising, OR you can post your new article to squidoo, hubpages, associated content, helium, or any other site that pays for articles.

If you do it right you could potentially write 5-10 posts in an hour, if you submit these to Associated content as exclusive posts you could earn as much as $5 per post, plus an additional $1.50 per 1000 pageviews. In essence that's $25-50 for an hour of work!

Let me know if you've had success with this technique!

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