Thursday, November 6, 2008

Patrick Curl's Financial Plan: Capping CEO Pay.

(My Original Blog Post:
I'm gonna make this easy. I thinka CEO is as good as the people beneath him. I believe that he should be paid a multiplier of the average of the employees.

Say the multiplier 100, then CEO should be paid 100 times what the average worker makes. If the company average is 30,000 then they should earn 3,000,000.

Let the government figure out the best multiplier, and also they could give breaks to companies that hire Americans only, or based on the number of Americans that the company employs.

I think this would be the right step to bringing a living wage to America.

$10 an hour is keeping our whole economy down. Our economy would be unbreakable if the people at the bottom were doing a lot better than they are now.

What say you? What would you do on this subject?

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