Sunday, November 16, 2008

Are you in? Announcing: Inter-National Pillar Article Week - November 24-28th.

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Pillar Article Writing Week + Contest + 7 tips to Perfect Pillar Articles.

We all sometimes get stuck in the mode of just writing our thoughts, or small news articles, or informative but small articles daily.

This week I submit a challenge = Write 1 Pillar Article for each weekday for the Week of November 24th - 28th, 2008. You can write them each day, or write them now - and schedule them for that day, either way works. If you miss a day, that's fine - just try your best.

I suggest working on them this week though, because next week is Thanksgiving, so it may be a bit hectic at times.

I will have a post for each day where you can come and leave comments explaining what your daily pillar article is about, and a link to it. (read to the end for the best part...)

At the end of the week I will be picking the very best Pillar Article, and I will give that author a free one month verbal recommendation advert in the sidebar with a link to the blog, and your pillar article.

I will also write a 500-1000 word review with pictures and the works.

You will also be given 1000 Free Business Cards that you can use as you like courtesy of

Last but not least - the biggest REASON to Participate: I will stumble / digg Every pillar article submitted - and I also am suggesting that everyone else who participates do the same. This could mean each article could get a ton of traffic.

The last bit - please when writing your pillar article, put something like this at the end: "This Article is part of National Pillar Article Week" and please link back to this post so that others will be able to find out about the trend too - the more people who participate, the more stumbles / diggs everyone will get.

If you like, you could also write a blog post about National Pillar Article week, on your blog as well, with a link back to this post.

7 Free Tips for Absolutely Marvelous Pillar Articles:

  1. Lists are a Blogger's Best Friend. Not all pillar articles are lists, but lists are easy for people to follow, and the human mind just likes them. Lists are easily organized and many times lists, even crappy ones just get a lot of traffic.

  2. Images are like defibrillators for your blog. Good Pillar articles if not lists, contain a lot of images to back up what is being taught or discussed.

  3. Details, Shmetails. Pillar articles are detailed as can be, without fluff. Layout as much info as you can on a subject with as little un-needed info as possible.

  4. Hot Topic - if ain't hot then it's just not. If you check out digg, linkbait and pillar articles are always on a hot topic that's unique. They ar e also exhaustive.

  5. Snappy Titles are better than Snapping Turtles. Well snappy, may be an understatement, but the title has to be exciting and draw in the reader - it must give them a reason to click on it.

  6. Proof-read - Just do it.. Pillar articles are free of blemishes, so to speak. Make sure to use proper grammar and punctuation.

  7. Sub-headings almost as good as Headings. Good Pillar articles also feature good use of sub-headings, and bold fonts. For instance look at this article how I've used h2 tags for sub-headings, and bold font for my main points.

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