Friday, October 31, 2008

Want traffic? 25 Hot Halloween topics to Blog about Today!

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Check out these hot Halloween Blog Topics!

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I was just perusing the google trends hottest trends, and came across the following halloween related keywords, any of which would be a good blog post starting point:

  1. printable pumpkin carving stencils

  2. happy halloween comments

  3. halloween 2008

  4. rocky horror picture show

  5. myspace halloween graphics

  6. easy homemade halloween costumes

  7. 100 scariest movie moments

  8. last minute halloween costumes for guys

  9. the real exorcist

  10. halloween quotes

  11. samhain

  12. halloween parade nyc

  13. sam hane

  14. nerd costume

  15. grand rapids zombie walk

  16. halloween pumpkin patterns

  17. short scary stories

  18. this is halloween lyrics

  19. halloween e cards

  20. roasted pumpkin seeds

  21. all hallows eve

  22. nightmare on elm street

  23. halloween history

  24. west hollywood halloween

  25. tim curry(rocky horror)

My advice is to write keyword rich posts on as many of these as you can, or combine a couple related keywords into one post. Trust me - you will get some good google traffic from this.

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