Friday, October 31, 2008

Ghost hunters gets its own Social Network + Check Out Tonights Live EVENT!

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New Ghost Hunters Social Network Launched + Special 6 Hour LIVE Ghost Hunters Event!

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="202" caption="Image via Wikipedia"]Ghost Hunters[/caption] just announced that it will be launching a social network to give Ghost Hunter fans a chance to "join the hunt".

Ghost hunter fans will have the opportunity to share their ghost stories, learn how to use ghost hunting equipment, ask questions of the ghost hunters.

Ghost Hunter Network Users will be get the following perks:

Weekly Ghost Hunting Tutorials: Learn how to use EMF guages, EVPs, and other ghost tracking gear.

View and Share Ghost Stories: Ghost hunter fans can view and share stories of ghostly encounters.

Ask a Hunter: Ghost hunter fans will be able to ask a TAPS member questions and get answers about ghost hunting.

Haunted or Not? Fans will be able to view alleged photos of haunted places and vote on whether they are haunted or not.

Other Resources: Books, movies, and more for those fascinated with the paranormal, and hunting ghosts.

Tonight the hugely popular Ghost Hunters live event will take place at the historic Fort Delaware in Delaware City, DE.

The live ghost hunter even will run from 7pm - 2am ET.

Ghost hunter fans will be able to view online video feeds of different rooms, in both night vision, and thermal imaging camera views. Fans will also have access to exclusive photos from the live event, live q&a with the TAPS team, and the return of the "Panic Button" allowing web hunters to alert the team of unusual ghostly activity.

A little background on Ghost Hunters:

If you haven't seen the show, it has been on the SciFi channel since October 2004. It highlights a team of paranormal investigators led by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.

Plumbers by day, and ghost hunters at night, Jason and Grant explore private homes, businesses, tourist locations, and even government facilities that are said to be haunted.

They are very scientific, and work hard to debunk all claims, and unlike many paranormal shows that seem less than genuine, ghost hunters works hard to make sure to only give their 'haunted' declaration if it meets their guidelines.

Ghost Hunters, has also launched a spin-off series called Ghost Hunters International where they explore haunted castles, monasteries, grave yards, alleys, churches, and sites from the old world. Some of the cooler locations were Dracula's Castle, The Lair of the Blood Countess, and the Castle where Edward Longshanks ruled(Think evil king from Braveheart).

Ghost hunters are also ramping up to go to college, with a new spin-off series following College Students looking for Ghosts with experienced TAPS members.

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