Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nailin Paylin - Fake Sarah Palin Sex Video..

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Move Over Tina Fey - Here comes Nailin Palin...

This is definitely the first porno ever inspired by a presidential campaign... Note video is work-safe.

If Sarah Palin thought the Tina Fey parodies of her were bad, just wait to Hustler gets a hold of her. Apparently Larry Flynt isn't a fan. They are working on a porn parody called Nailin Paylin. The story line features a Russian tank that breaks down near "Serra Paylin's" Alaskan home, and well the Russian men turn to Governor Paylin / Palin for help...um...among other things...

It's also rumored that a fake Hillary Clinton will be featured in the movie as well - although as a guy - I think going with Hillary is a bad move.  Might as well figure out a way to photoshop each viewer's grandma into the mix, with the exception of a few sicko's that's a sure 'boner shrinker' (As Amy Poehler's Hillary was referred to on SNL)...

Of course there's expected to be some major outrage over the Nailin Palin (aka Nailin Paylin) video. Will it make it to court? Doubtful - it probably won't make out till after the election, and it won't do nearly as much damage post-election as pre-election.

That is if Mccain / Palin even have a chance anymore. Which is to be seen. Lets hope and pray they don't.

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