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26 Exciting Home-Based business ideas!

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Everyone would love to work from home. In a troubled economy, many may even be forced to find a way to earn a living on their own terms.

Here's a list of 26 great home business ideas to start.

  1. Tutoring. Tutoring is a good recession proof home based business. Men, women, and children will always be going to school, and many need help to bring their grades up. You can advertise your tutoring business at schools, ymca's, recreation centers, libraries, etc. If you have children - you can network with teachers in your area to build your business.

  2. Yoga instructor. If you love yoga, you can make a decent living teaching yoga to the community. There are a number of great resources online depending upon which school of yoga you would like to teach. The Yoga Alliance web site is a great place to get started finding out about yoga schools, certification, insurance, etc...

  3. Home Inspection. Get paid decent money to inspect homes. Find out more about getting certified as a home inspector at the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

  4. Remodeling. If you know your way around a tool-box, and are a good carpenter or contractor, then remodeling may be the business for you. The SBA provides loans to experienced contractors looking to renovate homes in order to sell them.

  5. Interior Design. Have an eye for design? Perhaps this is the perfect career for you.The American SOciety of Interior Designers provides resources for those aspiring to become interor designers, including state requirements.

  6. Horse Riding School. If you have the barn, land, and horses this is a great business to start. is a great starting point with resources and articles on Horse Riding Schools.

  7. Cleaning Service. Professional cleaners are always in need, especially for offices and small businesses. Two good cleaning franchises to look up are: CleanNet-USA and JaniKing.

  8. Computer repair. If you're the one people call when they have a computer problem, then this is a great business for you. Two great franchise opportunities include Geeks on Call America, and Rescuecom.

  9. Personal Shopper. If you have a flair for shopping, and an eye for people's personal styles you can offer your services to those less inclined. You may also provide a gift shopping service for those too busy to shop themselves.

  10. Personal Trainer. This is a great job that pays very well for those who are fitness minded, there is a certification process for this job, to find out more check out the National Federation of Professional Trainers.

  11. Medical and legal transcription. If you have the skills and equipment, you can easily work from home for a variety of transcription companies. Check local colleges for transcription training courses.

  12. Web Design. If you're good with graphics and building web sites, you might want to give a shot at going professional.

  13. Medical Claims Billing. This is industry is a huge work-from-home business.

  14. Accounting. There are many opportunities and franchise possibilities for certified public accountants. If you're interested in becoming certified take a look at the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants for information on state requirements.

  15. Business Coach. Have experience with management, or business development, or another specialized business skill? Share it by becoming a business coach. Feel free to check out the International Coach Federation provides certification and a referral service for it's members.

  16. Consulting. Are you a self-proclaimed expert? Why not start a consulting business?

  17. Desktop Publishing. Are brochures, flyers, and newsletters your thing? You can offer your own desktop publishing services to small businesses in your area.

  18. Photography. If you are photographically inclined, or gifted with a camera - you can open your own photography studio. You will need to have space enough to shoot the pictures, as well as really good equipment and photo processing software.

  19. Catering or Personal Chef. If you love to cook this is a great business. You can also set yourself apart from the competition by focusing on a style like low-carb cooking, or vegetarianism. Catering does require a 'food establishment' license, and a commercially equipped kitchen that meets all state and federal health requirements.

  20. Gift Baskets. Gift basket building and delivery is a great home business to start, you can sell your services to individuals and businesses.

  21. Wedding Planner. If you're skilled at organizing events, and designing parties. Wedding planning may be a great opportunity for you. Having a Rolodex full of contacts will make you even more successful in this field. There are numerous online certification courses including one from Weddings Beautiful.

  22. Concierge. This is a great high energy business for those who are great multi-taskers.

  23. Custom Jeweler. Designing custom jewelry can be a lot of fun,and extremely lucrative. Make sure to always wear your own creations to gain new business.

  24. Carpet cleaning service. There are many great franchises that allow you to start your own carpet cleaning business. ServiceMaster Clean, and ChemDry are two of the biggest.

  25. Home Child-care service. If you love children, and are good handling children this is a great popular home based business.

These are some of the best traditional home-based businesses, but one that I left out is Network Marketing, which is still a very viable method of earning money. If you'd like to try an easy, affordable home based business why not give MyWorldPlus a shot. I Highly recommend it! Read my blog post about it: "8 Reasons why MyWorldPlus is the perfect business in a down economy.."

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