Thursday, October 30, 2008

8 Reasons why MyWorldPlus is the perfect business in a down economy..

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MyworldPlus - The perfect recession-proof business.

Fact: More and more people are losing their jobs. American express announced today that they are going to be cutting 7,000 jobs.

With this economic climate it's scary. People are afraid - you may think your job is secure, but find out next week that you were wrong.

Of course I hope Barack Obama can fix things when he gets in, but that won't be till January - and the whole next year may be worse than it is now.

Why did I start my network marketing business (MyWorldPlus)? I've been researching an opportunity for quite awhile, I've looked at several.

5 major reasons why I joined MyWorldPlus:

Reason #1: The product. The product is a card that saves you money at hundreds of thousands of stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc... you also can receive cash back on purchases at over 600 online stores. These are stores that you would be shopping at anyway like target, sears, etc..

Reason #2: The cost: The monthly cost of running this business is less than $20. That's less than the cost of a nice dinner out with my wife. However, when you add the savings from the discount card, it practically pays for itself.

Reason #3: The easy system: Their system is as easy as pie. You can give it a try before you buy so to speak.  I was already in profit before I joined the company thanks to their powerline structure. I had 134 paid members below me - before I even joined! The system is easily duplicated.

Reason #4: The upline support: The upline members are top-notch. They hold weekly trainings, and really know how to build this business. I can pick my sponsor's brain anytime I want to, and that's what I like about this business.

Reason #5: Easy qualification for big money: Myworldplus has an easy plan to promote. All you need to receive the first pool is 3 personally enrolled active members - which I can easily help you with, and teach you how to do.

I highly recommend you giving the plan a try - it's free to try out the system. I'm absolutely positive you will like what you see.

3 reasons why this business is perfect in a slowing economy:

1. People are hurting for money - helping them save money is like putting more money in their pocket.

2. Building a home business is a recession proof way to build job security. Wouldn't it be nice to be earning just an extra $1000 per month every month - that could weather the storm if you did lose your job?

3. Many people are living lives of desperation right now. This could be their salvation. You could help a single mom get back on her feet by offering this business to them, you could help one of the million plus people who've lost their jobs this year.

I'm not saying this just to get you to join my team - I know that things are hard, they are hard at my home too, I've lost a job back in May, and know what it's like.

Give MyWorldPlus a shot, I'm positive you won't regret it!

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